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Top-notch Japanese Hospitality & Service

With over 35 years of entertaining and hosting global celebrities in Tokyo, we are proud to say we know how to make our clients happy.

We provide high-level VIP concierge services in Tokyo. Our sole mission at Hersey Shiga is to make our clients' stay in Tokyo as comfortable, exclusive and unique as possible. From celebrity chefs in town, first-class events to exclusive meetings with other thought leaders and influencers. We can make it happen.

We ensure you have an extraordinarily personalized, one-of-a-kind experience in Tokyo.

Limousine Service

To experience Tokyo to the fullest, you need reliable and comfortable transportation at a moment’s notice. We assure discreet and comfortable transportation within Tokyo. Whether pick up from the airport or transport from the Hotel to the most popular places in town. We deliver!

Fine Dining

Whether Michelin-Starred restaurants to award-winning vegan choices, we know the best and most celebrated restaurants in Tokyo. Ranging from traditional Sushi restaurants to modern fusion choices, Tokyo has a depth of first-class restaurants unmatched in the world. We have insider tips for up and coming restaurants and chefs not known to the public yet. We are also the first to know of culinary events or celebrity chefs in town.

Personal Shopping

It is a fact, that Tokyo has one of the largest markets of rare collectible items in the world. From luxury watches, rare cameras to designer hand-bags and other highly-sought after luxury goods. Tokyo has it all. We help you find the goods of your desire.

Tokyo Shopping

First-Class Entertainment

We have hosted the giants of the entertainment industry. From Eric Clapton, Keith Richards to Lady Gaga. From Harrison Ford, Sylvester Stallone to Johnny Depp. We have made parties possible that made a lasting impression on our guests. We understand the importance of privacy to our clientele. On request we organize discreet private parties far away from the public eye. We pride ourselves in our exclusive night-life program worthy of a world metropolis.

And Much More

We pride ourselves for our world-renowned Japanese service and attention to detail.

Whether it’s securing a last-minute booking at a Michelin-starred restaurant, gaining access to a sold-out event or organising private events and social media campaigns, our team of personal assistants take care of all the details, so that our clients can enjoy Japan to the fullest.

Our sole mission at Hersey Shiga is to make your stay in Tokyo as comfortable, exclusive and unique as possible.

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