Motorsports Excellence

We are passionate about motorsports and Formula 1 in particular. It represents innovation, exclusivity and excellence; all aspects we aspire to in our daily activities. Hersey Shiga Global specializes in strategic solutions for the global motorsport industry. From event consultancy, media relations to sponsorship activation and hospitality we offer a wide range of services for an elite circle of clients.

HERSEY SHIGA GLOBALはモータースポーツ(特にフォーミュラー1)に情熱を注でいます。モータースポーツ界向けの戦略的ソリューションを専門とし、業界におけるイベントコンサルティング、メディアリレーションズ、スポンサーシップの活性化、ホスピタリティまでエリート層のクライアントに幅広いサービスをご提供しています。

Our Track Record

When it comes to Formula 1 and Japan, we are the first address. We are active in Formula 1 since the premier class of motorsports saw its titanic battles between Prost and Senna. From arranging various sponsoring packages to entertaining the leading F1 drivers of their time, we have built one of the most impressive track records for Formula 1 in Japan. We are the right partner for all your motorsports marketing needs with a focus on Formula 1 and Formula E. Get in touch with us for more information.


Our Partnerships

Hersey Shiga Global and Weirather – Wenzel & Partner AG (WWP), an international sports marketing company with more than 30 years of market experience, are in an official partnership for the Japanese territory, a key market for motorsport.

Official announcement: Hersey Shiga Global and WWP Partnership

Hersey Shiga Global is authorized to establish business relationships in Japan between WWP and companies that are interested in a partnership with the Formula 1 team Scuderia AlphaTauri and other leading motorsports activities such as Formula E.

Through this strategic partnership, Hersey Shiga Global K.K. and WWP provide comprehensive sports marketing for globally-minded companies across Japan. Clients of Hersey Shiga Global can now take advantage of WWP’s globally reaching sports marketing platform that includes Formula 1, Formula E, or MotoGP.

Emanuele Pirro

Emanuele Pirro
Kobayashi Kamui

小林可夢偉 & Nick Heidfeld

F1 Drivers 2019 Abu Dhabi

F1 Drivers 2019

サーキット #フォーミュラ1 #ヘリポート #ジャックビルヌーブ #元エフワンチャンピオン#友人

Ferrari Victory

Team Leader

Mercedes on Pole

Mercedes on Pole

Niki Lauda (2018)

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